Dental Assistant School in San Diego

Dental Assistant Training in San Diego

Dental Assistant School in San Diego

Dental Assistant School in San Diego

Have you been thinking about training for new career? Many of our students are finding that they are extremely happy that they decided to get training to become a dental assistant. At San Diego Dental Careers, students are able to register for our dental training program. Our training program has different financing options and provides many unique opportunities for our students. If you would like to attend our dental assistant school in San Diego, you are taking an important first step toward having an enjoyable, steady and long-lasting career.

At our dental assistant school in San Diego, our clinical instructors are today’s expert dentists and registered dental assistants. Our instructors are: Dr. Stephen T. Hurst; Dr. Bridget M. Hearst; Alethea Navarro, a Registered Dental Assistant and our head instructor; Kim Cates, RDA; James Fohr, RDA; and Valentin Kiryeko, RDA. Our dental assistant training program takes place in our school which is associated with a million-dollar dental practice. San Diego Dental Careers was formed by dentists who are dedicated to training new dental assistants, so that they will have a successful career in the field. Our associated dental practice is state-of-the-art, and is used as a great learning environment for our students.

One unique and great aspect of our dental assistant school in San Diego is that our students are able to earn part of their tuition while they learn on the job. Additionally, our dental assistant training course will prepare you in half the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of most other dental assistant training programs. Our students are able to learn what dentists really need their assistance to know, and our dental office is on the cutting edge in terms of both techniques and equipment. Our program runs either full days on Saturdays, with students needing to attend 10 out of 11 sessions, or during the week. Our students are also able to work for four hours, on-the-job training, per week. We also offer an evening class Mondays and Thursday evenings. On-the-job training is available for these students as well. Total tuition is $3995, and can be financed to students for as low as $110 per month. At the end of training, students receive a certificate in dental assisting, an x-ray license, and CPR certification. You will then be fully ready to start your new career as a dental assistant!

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