Dentist Training San Diego

Dental Assistant Training in San Diego

Dentist Training San Diego

Dentist Training San Diego

At San Diego Dental Careers, our school offers a comprehensive dental assistant training program so that you can have the career you’ve always dreamed of. Our dentist training San Diego center was created by a group of dentists committed to helping train those seeking futures in the field of dental assisting. Our state of the art practice is a top notch environment for learning dental assistant techniques. Students can earn some of their tuition while learning on the job, allowing them to complete the course in half the time and just a fraction of the fee that most other programs carry.

Our dentist training San Diego is held on Saturdays from 8-5pm, as well as 4 hours of on the job training each week. Students who cannot make the Saturday class can attend evening classes on Mondays and Thursdays instead. Our low cost, affordable training program will have you ready to go in just a few short weeks. When students have completed the program, which can be financed over the course of time, they will have received 10 weeks of on the job training, will receive a certificate in dental assistance, a CPR certification and an X-Ray licensing. These skills are invaluable in the field of dentistry today, and allow students to immediately start their careers in dental assisting. Our program is State of California approved and has been approved by the Bureau for Private and Postsecondary Education, as well as the Department of Consumer Affairs.

This dentist training San Diego is done in a shorter amount of time, and taught entirely in a classroom. It features a one month unpaid internship so that students can take the Registered Dental Assistant exam as soon as the program is completed. The combination of on the job training along with our training classes allows students to complete their training faster than if they were taking just a paid course, which can take anywhere from 9 months to a year.

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