San Diego Dental Assistant School

Dental Assistant Training in San Diego

San Diego Dental Assistant School

San Diego Dental Assistant School

If you’re considering attending San Diego dental assistant school, but are discouraged by how long and how expensive RDA programs can be, and you want a dental assistant training program that is more hands on, then it’s time you consider the training program offered through San Diego Dental Careers. SDDC was formed by a group of dentists dedicated to training people like you for a successful career as a dental assistant.

Our state-of-the-art dental practice is an ideal learning environment where you’ll have the opportunity to earn part of your tuition while you learn on the job. If you want the security of treating patients for the first time in an office familiar to you with your instructors by your side for support and encouragement, then this is the course for you. If you want to be paid for on the job training and can’t afford to volunteer your time for one month like you will if you take an RDA course, then this is the course for you. This course is designed to prepare you quickly and inexpensively for an entry level position as a dental assistant. RDA programs are not the best option for everyone and with this course, now you have a choice. This course prepares you in half the time and at a fraction of the cost of most other programs. You will learn what dentists really need you to know to be on the cutting edge.

If you would like to learn more about our dental assistant training program, we highly recommend that you visit our practice’s main website to browse through some additional, detailed information that you might find useful. If you have any specific questions or concerns about San Diego dental assistant school that we can help you with, or if you’re interested in signing up for the next class, please do not hesitate to contact the staff here directly. We look forward to working with you and preparing you to start your new career.

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